Guideline for applicants

FIWARE Training Providers should offer services to teach or coach third-parties regarding the correct usage and deployment of FIWARE or indeed any aspect of the FIWARE ecosystem. The activities of a trainer do not necessarily need to cover all aspects of FIWARE, but evidence must be shown regarding competence in the areas of knowledge to be taught.

Example training courses could include:

  • How to create and self-assess a "FIWARE Ready" device.
  • Use of a proprietary suite of NSGI Software enablers (e.g. the Telefonica Stack)
  • Consultancy and services on how to deployment of city-wide "Powered by FIWARE" solution.
  • A regular technical bootcamp to introduce developers to FIWARE.

It is important when applying to define what your training services are and what is covered in the courses, since the definition of the course will be used to define whether the training really is FIWARE training, and the trainer will be interviewed to ensure that the definition of what they are offering is correct.

Guideline for validators

In order to proceed with the validation of a FIWARE Training Provider, validators must follow these steps:

  1. Check all the information provided by applicants. There should be three or more documents:

    • a) Detailed description of the training services offered.
    • b) Any promotional or training materials
    • c) Additional testimonials and certifications.
  2. Take the description of the training services offered - does it fit with the overall definition of FIWARE? Are the services relevant to creation or deployment of FIWARE solutions?

  3. Review any training and promotional materials supplied. How relevant are they to FIWARE (Enablers, Devices, Platforms or Solutions). Would they able to improve an outsider's understanding of FIWARE?

  4. Interview the candidate to confirm the scope of the training services offered, and that they have sufficient understanding of what FIWARE is. The sample questions from the Experts Examination may be used to determine sufficient understanding. Note that some trainers may be offering services outside of the FIWARE catalogue or be concentrating on aspects such as deployment so not all sections will be relevant.

  5. Refer to the training materials during the interview and ensure that the candidate can competently describe their FIWARE relevance and use during interview.

  6. If evaluators cannot find enough evidence for points 2, 3, 4 and 5 the application must be rejected.