How to apply

First of all it is recommended to do a self assessment in order to determine whether your solution is really "Powered by FIWARE" or not. So please read carefully the description provided as a guideline for applicants.

Note: Use of the context broker as an essential component holding the current context, and using changes in context to power changes of state within the solution is a minimal requirement for a "Powered by FIWARE" Solution.

If your application is:

  • not a complete end-to-end solution,
  • not using the FIWARE Context Broker
  • your usage of the Context Broker is purely marginal

It is likely that you will not be successful applying as a "Powered by FIWARE" solution, so you should consider using another category when applying, for instance as a "FIWARE-Ready" devices. If you are not sure, you can always ask for help so that FIWARE experts can give you some advice.

  1. Go to, fill out the registration form, apply by providing all your company information. Then, under the solution/service section, choose "Powered by FIWARE" solution under category and a proper domain of application.

  2. Fill up the rest of fields providing as much information as possible so that evaluators can revise and, if suitable, grant your application smoothly. Particularly, it is important that you provide a document which describes what architecture and data models are in use by your solution, and what is the role played by the FIWARE Context Broker within such an architecture. The role of other NGSI compatible components (such as the elements of the FIWARE Catalogue) as well as other external components should be mentioned as well. Extra detail should be provided around the flow of context data within your system, and how the capture-process-actuate loop is performed.

  3. Please provide details of the data models used within the solution, ideally in format and provide the JSON Schema. Examples can be found within the FIWARE Data Models. Where existing common data models are used, they can be referred to by name.

  4. You may be asked to provide extra information or to have an interview with FIWARE Experts who might require extra information about your solution, so that they can make an informed decision.

  5. In the event that your application is correct and satisfies all the requirements, congratulations you are now part of the FIWARE marketplace.