How to apply

  1. Read the reference guide, which will help you to apply and perform the different tests needed to evaluate your solution.
  2. If it is needed, set up the validation environment.
  3. Execute tests according to the test workflow using the appropriate public instances or using your own deployed instance.
  4. Fill in the "FIWARE-ready" IoT Device Manual Template with the information about how to use your component within FIWARE ecosystem.
  5. Go to Register, and then apply by providing all your company information. Then, under the solution/service section, choose FIWARE-ready IoT Device under category and a proper domain of application.
  6. You may be asked to provide extra information or to have an interview with "FIWARE-ready" IoT Device reviewers who might require extra information about your solution or even a real-time simulation of the entire process so that they can take an objective validation decision.
  7. "FIWARE-ready" IoT Device reviewers will evaluate the documentation provided and any hardware provided will perform themselves the tests.

In the event that your application is correct and satisfies all the requirements, congratulations you are now part of the FIWARE Marketplace! The product will be updated to the "FIWARE-ready" IoT Devices list of commercially available products. As a result of the validation process, an official document signed by FIWARE will acredite the result of this process together with a document with the results obtained during the process