Guideline for applicants

"FIWARE-Ready" technologies are components that can be easily integrated with FIWARE in a plug-and-play manner in order to bring extended platform capabilities for developers and solutions. More specifically, "FIWARE-ready" software enablers are platform components - they can be integrated with other FIWARE technologies using standard interfaes and they extend the basic FIWARE capabilities with advanced, added-value features (e.g. location within buildings, representation of context information in maps, biometrics for access control etc.). This enables integrators to combine basic open-source FIWARE technologies with advanced, off-the-shelf, commercial, custom components accelerating the development of sophisticated smart applications.

Guideline for validators

In order to proceed with the validation of a FIWARE Training Provider, validators must follow these steps:

  1. Check all the information provided by applicants.

    • a) Detailed description of the software offered.
    • b) Any promotional materials
    • c) Any testimonials or live instances in the field.
    • d) Any test instance offered
  2. Review the description of the software offered - does it offer or interpret context data? Does it fit with the overall definition of FIWARE? Is the service offered relevant to enhancing smart solutions "Powered by FIWARE"?

  3. Where an enabler test instance has been provided, follow the set-up instructions and use the enabler to augment a set of data entities. Make requests to the context broker to see that the software enabler is adding or amending the context information. Check all logs and Orion Context Broker entries to confirm that the component is adding value.

  4. If necessary, as a fallback, interview the candidate to confirm the scope of the software enabler offered, and request that they demonstrate usage themselves. For most demonstrations, it will be necessary to make direct calls to the context broker - get the candidate to make a cUrl request, display it on screen and copy the response to you for further analysis. Video may be useful.

  5. If evaluators cannot find enough evidence for point 2 or either 3 or 4 then the application must be rejected.