How to apply

Online training material is available on the FIWARE Academy but many partners are offering tailored training and coaching services to those organizations who are looking for dedicated sessions.

  1. Go to, fill out the registration form, then under the solution/service section, select FIWARE Services - Training & Coaching under category.

  2. Fill up the form by providing all the required fields, particularly a detailed description of the services offered and references from existing customers (if available). Any promotional online materials of previous courses offered, certification, testimonials etc. should be provided as well, as proof of the soundness of your offer.

  3. You will need to have an interview with FIWARE Experts who might require extra information about your training courses, so that they can make an informed decision.

  4. In the event that your application is correct and satisfies all the requirements, congratulations your training is now part of the FIWARE marketplace.