Guideline for applicants

FIWARE Consultancy Services should offer services such as integration and technical support. The activities of a consultant do not necessarily need to cover all aspects of FIWARE, but evidence of competence must be shown.

It is important when applying to define what services are being offered and to provide relevant evidence (e.g. customer testimonials). It is likely that such testimonials will be followed up.

Guideline for validators

In order to proceed with the validation of a FIWARE Training Provider, validators must follow these steps:

  1. Check all the information provided by applicants.

    • a) Detailed description of the services offered.
    • b) Any promotional materials
    • c) Additional testimonials and certifications.
  2. Review the description of the services offered - does it fit with the overall definition of FIWARE? Are the services relevant to creation or deployment of FIWARE solutions?

  3. Review the testimonials and follow-up - is the service deployed based on FIWARE technologies? Confirm the bone-fides of any references and the existence of a deployed FIWARE Solution.

  4. If necessary, as a fallback, interview the candidate to confirm the scope of the services offered, and that they have sufficient understanding of what FIWARE is. The sample questions from the Experts Examination may be used to determine sufficient understanding. Note that some consultants may be offering services outside of the FIWARE catalogue or be concentrating on aspects such as deployment so not all sections will be relevant.

  5. If evaluators cannot find enough evidence for point 2 or either 3 or 4 then the application must be rejected.